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Michelle 'Dish' Taylor

Mish taylorDr. Michelle "Dish" Taylor has been a part of the Moorlands family for 37 years. As a camper in 1980 and 1981, then as a counselor in 1982. She counseled intermittently for several years while in university then during medical school. In 2000 herself and her husband, Matthew "Shots" Taylor, were asked to be Co-Commandants at the 12-13 camp. Then in 2001 they took over as Commandants to which they remain to date. In 2012 she joined the Summer Camps Committee and now serves as Co-Chair along with her husband. In June 2016 she was also invited to serve on the Board of Moorlands.

In her own words "Being a part of Moorlands ministries over the years has been a great honour and blessing in my life. My marriage and family life has been greatly blessed. Our 3 children Joshua, Leah "Babbles" and Daniel "Mac" have thoroughly enjoyed being "raised" at Moorlands camps. They can't imagine spending their summers anywhere else! We truly enjoy the youth and try to minister to them in and out of camp season. our family truly benefits from sharing our lives with the counselors post camp. in fact the "Taylor" house becomes the post camp hang out for the entire summer! Truly a joy and a blessing!" .