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Coming from Kingston:

  • After Porus, ascend Melrose Hill
  • At the next intersection, stay straight
  • At NEW GREEN ROUNDABOUT, stay straight
  • At GREENVALE ROUNDABOUT, take LEFT unto Greenvale Road (towards Mandeville)
  • Stay straight until stoplight at T junction (beside Megamart)
  • Take RIGHT at T junction unto Perth Road
  • Continue on Perth Road for around 10 minutes until you see a small roundabout seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Go straight through roundabout
  • Moorlands is the next property on the left

Coming from Montego Bay:

  • At the top of Spur Tree hill (just before beginning the descent), look for Total Gas Station on left (beside gas station is a small plaza of shops, and the Spur Tree Post Office) Take road on RIGHT, opposite gas station.
  • Almost immediately, the road will fork. Go left, through the village of Swaby’s Hope.
  • Keep straight, until you come to an old, abandoned, rusty bus-shed.  Keep left at the bus shed.
  • Moorlands is the next driveway on the right.