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Kitchen & Dining Areas


Our industrial kitchen is well organized with designated areas for meat preparation, vegetable preparation, cooking, and serving which allow easy and safe food preparation and storage. Our cold and dry storage rooms have ample space for your group's supplies. The serving area is equipped with two food warming stations which keep food at safe temperatures during serving time while allowing fast, friendly service. The kitchen is also fully stocked with stainless steel preparation areas and appliances- including a standing gas stove and a commercial oven with 6-burner stovetop. There are ample washup areas, hand-washing sinks, utensils for serving, cooking and consumption, cups, mugs, bowls, forks knives, spoons. Appliances such as microwave, kettle, perculator, and reverse osmosis water purification system are also included. 


Our Al Fresco dining area has awnings which can be raised or lowered as desired. Our wooden picnic benches provide ample seating for groups of up to 200 people. Our dining area is more than where we eat, it's where we sing the camp news (summer camp tradition), share laughs and do life together!

Catering Services

We are blessed with Cooks who have a wealth of experience and who get excellent reviews for their tasty food! While our expertise is in Jamaican cuisine, we always provide international options. Here is a sample menu to give you an idea of what we'd serve on a typical day. We are happy to refine our menus to meet your team's preferences and dietary needs. Please make us aware of any food allergies, or special dietary needs at least a week before your reservation so that we can be prepared. All staff members have food handler's permits and our facilities meet the requirements of the Manchester Health Department.