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How do I get to Moorlands Camp?

See a map with directions here.

Can I call or Visit my child during the week of camp?
We understand the need to contact campers in cases of emergency, but in general, phone calls and visits to camp are discouraged. Over the years these have proved very disruptive to the camp experience. Contact may be made with campers through our camp office.

Can I come and do a tour before I sign my child up for camp?
Yes, individual tours must be booked with the office ahead of time. We also welcome you to join us at our Annual Open House!

How many campers are there in a dorm?
There around 10 campers per dorm, depending on camp size. Our maximum counsellor: camper ratio is 1 counsellor: 3 campers.

If providing private transportation, what time should I drop off and pick up my child from camp?
3PM on start day of camp and 9AM on last day of camp.

My camper has to leave camp early. What is the notification process?
If your camper needs to leave early, please contact us and give the office the time and day that you need to pick them up. That way your camper will be ready when you arrive. You can also let us know when you check your campers in. If someone other than the child's legal guardian is going to pick up the camper, please send us an email (from the address used to register your camper) stating the person's name and giving them permission to pick up your camper. This is REQUIRED for anyone other than you picking up or dropping off your camper. We will check ID.

What is tuck shop?
Campers have tuck shop at least once per day. They can get candy, soda, water, juices, chips, nuts, pastry and t-shirts. Tuck money is collected at the beginning of each week for safe keeping. Our tuck software keeps each camper's tab until the end of the week when any money left over will be returned to the camper. On average, parents put about $3,000 towards tuck money.

Will my summer camp spot be held if my registration is incomplete?
No. We can't hold spaces for registrations that haven't been completed with payment. If a valid proof of age isn't uploaded at the time of registration, Moorlands Camps reserves the right to give that spot to someone else.

What does it mean to be Waitlisted?
This means the camp is full, but if anyone cancels, you may be given a spot at camp.

For everything else you need to know before coming to camp, see our CAMP GUIDE, call 294-6991/294-6993, or send us an email at .