Guidelines for Rental Groups

Thanks for taking the time to read our short list of guidelines, and for making your group aware of them. With your cooperation, Moorlands will continue to be a place where many can enjoy the facilities and experience God’s renewing power in their lives.

1. As Moorlands is dedicated to honoring the LORD, and as we are instructed in His Word that in all things we should act decently and in order, it is required that all should act accordingly and conduct themselves in a manner which is honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Every effort should be made to keep the camp environment clean, tidy and litter-free. A daily clean-up crew should be assigned to carry this out. For pest control reasons, storage of food in dorms is not permitted.

3. Water is scarce. Please conserve.

4. For security reasons, no outsiders are allowed on the camp grounds, except by prior invitation and with clearance from the camp managers. Any outreach meetings should be held in the community, not at Moorlands.

5. “Lights Out” is officially at 10:30 p.m. If activity does continue after this time, it must be done quietly, and with due consideration for neighbors and for the family residing at Top House.

6. Males are not allowed in female dormitories, and vice versa. Please have responsible adults assigned to supervise the dorm area.

7. No narcotic drugs, cigarettes or alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into and/or consumed or imbibed on the camp grounds.

8. No graffiti or other such defacement of the premises is allowed.

9. Camp property (including electrical fixtures, plumbing, and furnishings) should not be tampered with. Any damages should be reported at once to the management. 10.A modest dress code is to be observed at all times. 11.There is to be no eating or drinking in “the Rock.” Neither is there to be any removal of equipment (screens, projectors, microphones, speakers or extensions are to remain in “the Rock” permanently.)